Signs It's Time To End Your Relationship

There are always red flags and signs that let us know it’s time to break up with a partner. Sometimes we just don’t want to notice them. Or we don’t detect the signals to let a dear go. So, why and when should you end a relationship? The reasons and the warning signs are below.

Reasons to end a relationship

Got lost and can’t understand whether you’re really happy with your partner and your relationship is worth trying? Valid reasons to at least consider stopping it are below.

  • Your partner lies to you. Honesty is one of the key constituents of successful and happy dating. Yes, all people are sometimes forced to tell at least white lies not to hurt someone’s feelings. But if your partner deceives you all the time, even about small things like why they’re late for dinner, who knows what else you can’t be sure in?
  • You have contradictory goals and values. This might be hard because people can have strong feelings but, at the same time, be totally incompatible when it comes to how they see their common future. If you have diametrically opposed views on family, kids, finance, or place of living, your relationship might not survive it.
  • You can’t communicate well. You’re trying to get out a message to your partner, but they just don’t want to hear you? Do you feel like beating your head against a brick wall? If your communion is bad or, what’s worse, missing at all—this is when to end a relationship.
  • You have doubts. Not always people can be 100% sure in everything, including partners they choose for life. But when your doubts don’t pass and haunt you every day, the moment you wake up, and the moment you go to bed, this is your intuition talking. And you’d better listen to it.
  • You think about other people. Have you ever found yourself thinking about dating someone else? Maybe you’ve remembered your ex for a while? What about flirting with a cute colleague or a stranger at a bar? Believe it, when you’re in a relationship with the right person, you don’t have such a mess in your head.

Warning signs a relationship is over

How to know when to end a relationship? Here are 5 most common signs.

  1. You don’t have emotional connection anymore. Partners in a healthy and happy relationship are totally comfortable sharing everything with each other. If you’re no longer open and don’t feel that deep connection—it’ll be challenging or even almost impossible to have it back.
  2. You lack physical connection. Intimacy is of high importance. On the one hand, it’s fine to have your sexual desire fluctuate during your relationship. But if passion has gone and you’re no longer interested in your partner at all, this is when to end a relationship.
  3. You spend more time separately. How much did you use to spend time together when you just started dating? How much fun did you have? What about now? Do you avoid inviting your partner on dates? If you find more excuses than reasons to be together more, this is a huge warning sign when to leave a relationship.
  4. You’re fighting all the time. If every trifle makes both of you go mad, if you get irritated all the time and can’t stop the battle, take this very seriously. The only worse possible scenario is when you even don’t try to sort things out and don’t fight at all because you just don’t care anymore.

Need more signs it’s time to end a relationship? Just listen to your intuition. Usually, people already know all the answers they’re looking for but just don’t want to admit the bitter truth. Be honest with yourself and your partner. Don’t let your fears or society’s opinion be in charge of your happiness. Everything is in your hands.